The Race

This event was designed for mountain bikers to have fun, be competitive and provide an endless supply of great memories! No matter the level (beginner to expert) it is there for you.

After a very successful round of the recent Leinster Championships we felt that it was the perfect venue for a 12 mountain bike race. A very dedicated team of trail builders created some single track heaven, hand carved in ancient broad leaf forrest. This trail has now been extended to increase the distance to a 10k.

12hr Format
• Solo, 2 or 4 person teams
• Male, Female or Mixed
•12 hrs non stop
• 7.30am to 7.30pm

6hr Format

  • 1.30pm to 7.30pm
  • Most laps wins
  • For team Categories – Each raider must complete 2 laps
  • 10k loop, top raiders will cover this in 40 mins, mortals should allow upto 1.5hrs.
  • In order to have all raiders off the couse for 9pm you must start your last lap before 7.30pm
  • If you cross the Start/Finish line before 7.30pm you may start your last lap. If at or after 7.30pm you will be called in.
  • You must finish your last lap before 9.30 for it to count.
  • The faster time for equal number of laps wins.
  • You may leave the course for a mechanical or first aid but you must return to the course at the point you left it.
  • There is no limt to the amount of  kit you use ie, bikes and wheels etc. But it must all fit within your 2.5mx2.5m plot in the pits.

This recent XC race loop will form part of the 12 Hour course Click here for details.

Full course using Garmin direct to follow ASAP approx. 10k loop

A video showing a sample of the singletrack on the course. The lap will have approximately 1 hour of flowy sweepy singletrack per lap, including bridges, downhill bits, uphill bits and going through the pit area at the start finish line.

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